Our Mission is to educate, advise and inspire employers in better supporting their people.

At Davis, it’s taken care of.

Personally Committed

We are an independent boutique office, which means that we are entrepreneurial, flexible to innovate and personally committed to the performance of your plan.

Every client of Davis is a client of the entire firm.

National Presence

We are founding members of The Benefits Alliance Group, an organization of over 38 individual consulting firms across the country sharing market intelligence, best practices and developing innovations. You are in good company when you work with us.

Focused Expertise

Although we share competencies outside of group insurance, we really specialize as employee benefits consultants working full time in this industry. You’ll get better service, and a higher level of attention and expertise.

Always Learning and Always Teaching

Learning in our industry and studying trends is part of our job. We stay up to date so that we can provide proactive and relevant advice to you.

Moreover, we host information sessions at Employers Conferences, lead by experts in their fields on emerging trends impacting human resources, governance and total compensation issues.


Although benefits are sold on a yearly renewal like other types of insurance, there’s another dynamic with employee benefits. People come and go and business changes; alot can happen in one year in a company so there are a lot of moving parts to be aware of. This dynamic changes the risks, but also reveals opportunities.

Beyond our reactive service level, we provide pro-active and forward-thinking strategies and ideas.  We are constantly striving to provide advice that can positively impact your plan’s performance and your company’s objectives.

Data Driven – Powered by CloudAdvisors.ca

Our programs include comprehensive data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting.

We are pioneers in a digital platform that allows us to rank and compare benchmark of your employee benefits and group retirement plans against thousands of other employers across the country.  In partnership with CloudAdvisors.ca we seek to help our clients optimize their employee benefit programs, keeping pace with industry trends, market positioning and shifting strategies.  We will share the performance of your plan and share ideas with you throughout the year as part of our ongoing consulting service.

Maintaining constant awareness of the claims utilization and financials of your group allows you to make fully informed decisions. As well, you can ensure that any trends, opportunities or risks are identified and managed effectively.

Leaders in Biologic/Speciality Drug Strategies for Clients.

Before biologics became a hot topic in recent years, we’ve already had specific strategies and mechanisms in place with our customers since 2003.

We have been leaders in managed drug formularies, successfully implementing them for over 15 years.

Who We Are Today

Started by Kirk Davis, over thirty years ago, Davis Benefits is the development of a vision to provide focused service in an industry that is always changing. While other life insurance brokers sold the merits of providing service in all areas that they were licensed, Kirk developed a keen focus and expertise for corporate insurance and group benefits.

As clients began to recognize the value in working with a focused advisor, the need for a support team grew and the company emerged as an established consulting firm. Over recent years, Davis Benefits has enjoyed a strong client loyalty and continued their focused approach of earning business each and every year through providing expertise and proactive service.

Today, our company consists of a full team of passionate individuals, delivering our mission and building the vision of Davis Benefits. At the same time, we are also mothers, fathers, golfers, skiers, travelers, hockey fans, photographers and volunteers. In other words, we're just regular people who all care a lot about getting the job done right and ensuring every client experience meets or exceeds expectations.

Our motto with customers is, what have we done for you lately, and we never stop trying to earn that priviledge
— Kirk Davis

We're Here to Help Employees Stay Happy

Although the world of benefits and retirement plans are straight forward to us, we understand that it can be a confusing maze of interconnected choices to our clients. These choices have far-reaching impacts.

The bottom line for us is that we’re here to help your employees stay happy. As your trusted consultants and partners, we help you achieve this goal by creating a custom tailored employee benefits programs. We'll see to it that claiming benefits will be a simple process and your employees will thank you for it.

Our business revolves around taking the burden and stress off of you. All aspects of our business have this goal in mind, from our help resources to the network of business partners.

Visit our resource page for more information related to human resources, payroll and relevant government links.

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Our Track Record

We have long lasting partnerships with both clients and suppliers. Our belief in transparency extends to all parties we work with and if you'd like to know more we invite you to speak with our clients directly about their experience. Please contact one of our employee benefits consultants for more information.