With a diverse range of consulting experience from marketing to technology, Tony is taking an exciting step in his career by aligning with Davis Benefits & Pensions Ltd.  Tony is new, joining in 2017 to support the firm in going digital, and adopting InsureTech solutions that will make our service more efficient and benefit decisions even easier for our clients. Tony is a driven and charismatic sales nut, with a customer-centred philosophy and a strong technology background. Currently, Tony is completing his GBA (Group Benefits Associate) designation as well as meeting the LLQP (Life License Qualification Program) requirements. Keywords search: InsureTech, Sales professional, Benefits requirements, Cost Containment, increased productivity, increased profitability, negotiating, employee benefits, consulting, health and dental, personal service, exceptional product knowledge, unique combination, workplace savings, executive benefits, total compensation, group business, technology, service, SME, BC