Introducing myFlex Benefits™

Flexible Benefits Plan That Works for Your Team

The new myFlex Benefits™ plan from Equitable Life® is a flexible benefits solution for small business offered by Davis Benefits & Pensions. If you employ between 5-35 people, you can now offer competitive flexible benefits to your team with a number of options. A flex plan will allow your employees to have the group insurance coverage they need and with the budget your business can afford.

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A great flex plan for employers

Our flex benefits package is not only advantageous for your employees, but for your business as well. With a comprehensive and flexible plan like myFlex Benefits™, your business will attract qualified talent, as well as retain them, along with the employee training investment you’ve made. We will help you build your flexible benefits within a defined budget and with a 2 year renewal, your business can plan accordingly for the future.  Our myFlex Benefits™ are sustainable benefits that ensure your valued employees are rewarded with the benefits they deserve.

And all your employees

Employees will enjoy the advantages of flex benefits as well, such as the opportunity to easily select a wide variety of benefit options online and conveniently purchase additional benefits with payroll deductions. Employees also have a secure web account to access online claims submission and health and wellness resources suited to meet their diverse needs. Most importantly, the high level of employee engagement in the process drives higher appreciation of your contribution.

How flexible benefits work

Talk to our consultants about competitive benefit offerings for your industry and what you think your employees may value. Evaluate your budget and decide what you are willing to invest in your team’s benefits plan.


(Plan sponsor)

Create the plan!

Choose a level of coverage within your budget for each area of your benefits program.


(Plan member)

Personalize benefits!

Plan members sign in to make benefit selections from the set of options you choose.


Let us help

Get in touch now and let Davis Benefits & Pensions show you how you can build a competitive flexible benefits plan within your budget.

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