Extended Health and Dental programs are insurance or tax-sheltered programs that provide various levels of reimbursement for approved medical and dental expenses. These can include:

  • Ambulance and Hospital
  • Dental Treatments and Orthodontics
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Medical Practitioners (Paramedicals)
  • Therapists, Specialized Treatment
  • Emergency Medical Travel Coverage
  • Medical Supplies and Devices
  • Vision Care, Glasses and Contacts

There are many ways of designing, structuring, and funding Extended Health and Dental benefits for employees.  These programs are often looked at with the biggest microscope. They have frequent claims and highly variable costs for both employees and employers.

A consulting approach is vital in understanding and summarizing the constant stream of financial and utilization data.  There are advantages to this approach for both employee and employer. With a strong understanding of objectives in mind, we will help manage your risks and identify your opportunities. Call us today!