Employee Benefits

You could be starting a new employee benefits program or you might just be making adjustments to the one you’ve already set up. We know from experience that there are many options to choose from. But from a complex menu of customization and an array of unknowns...

How do you decide what is right for your company?

Our consultants work with these programs every day and can help you sort through all of the choices. We’re here to help you make sense of the clutter, explain things along the way and simplify your decision making process. We’ll help you pick the options that are most practical for your company’s needs.

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Group Retirement

Your group retirement package might need to consider just a handful of people or maybe thousands. Your organization is unique. We understand this and have the knowledge and tools to help you identify and meet your needs.

Our service approach is highly consultative. This means that we want to work with you as partners rather than just sellers of insurance services. We want to be around to watch your business grow so that we can help you prepare for, and adapt to the changes.

At Davis Pensions & Benefits, we want to know about your goals, day-to-day operations and long term dreams too. If we know the whole story, we can create custom solutions that solve your short term problems while also setting you up for your long term goals. We deliver group benefits plans that are flexible, fresh and aware of the direction your company is going.

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Executive Benefits

Executive benefits plans are a major part of attracting and recruiting senior executives. They are as unique as the companies they manage and they need to be compensated for their expertise.

Salary may be the common way to recognize executives but benefit plans are becoming more and more important to attract, motivate and reward senior management. We’ll help you create custom benefit plans that will make you stand out. We are here to help you support the most valuable asset in your company, your people.

Contact us now to build your custom executive benefits plan.

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