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Spring 2017 Employer Conference –  “Sustainable Employment in a Modern Workplace”

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 

Presentation by Simon Kent

Founder Kent Employment Law (KEL) and the co-Founder and Partner at Connect Family Law

About our Presentation:

The workplace is evolving and so should our employment practices.  A modern workplace has many new demands placed on it from updates in employment law to emerging issues and trends that our society will be tackling together.  How does an employer stay on top of the issues and best practices?  Simon Kent, founder of Kent Employment Law (KEL), Canada’s first “Certified B Corp” law firm will offer his fresh perspective.  To become certified, KEL had to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.  The standards displayed in their workplace also greatly influence his progressive approach to this topic.

Rising from this complexity and built on B Corp principles, is a new type of workplace relationship referred to as “sustainable employment”.  Simon Kent will guide us through the best practices in the lifecycle of an employee from onboarding to offboarding and much of what lies in between.  Sustainable employment practices seek to promote employee engagement and build retention.  During the course of our presentation Simon will also address emerging issues and trends from medical marajuana in the workplace, to workplace flexibility and the accelerating debate in the sharing economy, independent contractors vs employees.

About our Speaker:

Simon Kent is the Founder of Kent Employment Law (KEL) and the co-Founder and Partner at Connect Family Law, boutique law firms specializing in employment and family law respectively, both with offices in Vancouver and Kelowna.

KEL advises employers and employees throughout BC on all employment-related legal matters, including employee contracts, wrongful dismissal, severance packages, Employment Standards, disability, and workplace harassment and discrimination. They serve clients from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, with a specific focus on empowering both people and organizations. After nearly 20 years specializing in employment law, Simon’s current practice focuses primarily on advising senior executives and business owners.

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