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Fall 2018 Employer Conference “Cannabis Legalization and Workplace Issues”
Monday, October 22, 2018 

Co-Presentation by Barinder Rasode – Grow Tech Labs, Cannabis Wise, President of Niche Canada

Co-Presentation by Simon Kent – Founder Kent Employment Law (KEL) and the co-Founder and Partner at Connect Family Law



With marijuana legalization behind us in Canada what are the implications for employers.  In our presentation we will discuss health and safety, impairment, performance and employment law considerations.


My years of public service have focused around a passion and commitment to creating a better city and a better future for my three children. As we move our city forward, I believe that public safety, a vibrant economy, sustainability, and true community engagement will be paramount.

Integrity, hard work and equality are a few of my core values.







Simon Kent is the Founder of Kent Employment Law (KEL) and the co-Founder and Partner at Connect Family Law, boutique law firms specializing in employment and family law respectively, both with offices in Vancouver and Kelowna.

KEL advises employers and employees throughout BC on all employment-related legal matters, including employee contracts, wrongful dismissal, severance packages, Employment Standards, disability, and workplace harassment and discrimination. They serve clients from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, with a specific focus on empowering both people and organizations. After nearly 20 years specializing in employment law, Simon’s current practice focuses primarily on advising senior executives and business owners.

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